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PIECES UNIQUES's «Moon & Sun» is inspired by the myths and the legends around the celestial bodies of fire and ice. The pieces explore the utility of clothing in distinct situations.

Day or night, from pyjamas to military uniform, designer Edmond Luu has made it a point of honor to infuse each of his creations with an identity. «Moon & Sun» offers a multitude of options for the variations of daily life, with inspirations from Japanese animé alongside cinema and folklore from around the world.

It is in this very atmosphere that the designer has grown and the one in which he continues to feed his pieces of his passions.Suitcase locks and brushed metal parts adorn the details of his pieces, unifying the structure of the garment. «Moon & Sun» is an ode to the chief desire of Pièces Uniques to turn clothing into a second skin; an armor in which to brace the everyday reality.