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Pièces Uniques AW21-22 - "Between Sky & Earth"


The immensity of snowy mounts, the depths of a bluish ocean, an infinite track of gravel. So many places representing the demons of a hero signed Pièces Uniques, Younes Bendjima. A film directed by Bilal El Kadhi in which he infuses his generosity but especially his love of a minimalist aesthetism, inspired by his roots.

Pace Music installs a rhythm, the beats that are the heart of Younès Bendjima in search of the absolute purification. He is at one with nature and the elements, and tells us, in his eyes, that it is time to move forward.

This film is an ode to freedom, to the heritage of the values of the house. It is the result of the work of a family, the one of Pièces Uniques.