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Pièces Uniques AW22-23 "Nation"

The collection is inspired by an imaginary universe created by EDMOND LUU. The artistic director wanted to transcribe the archetypes of characters who live in this new world called «Nation». Three families live in this world each associated with a primary digital color. (RGB)

There is a royal family dressed in green, the primary blue is the emblem of the first group of rebels & the red represents an Asian-inspired mafia. «Nation» is an ode to the inspiration of Edmond Luu. We find references to pop culture, Sci-fi but also comics while passing by Japanese animation. By reinterpreting these archetypes,
Edmond Luu had fun creating the world of «Nation», a dreamlike world where
these characters live.

To illustrate this imaginary universe, Edmond teamed up with DANIEL SANNWALD, German photographer known for his famous artists’ pictures such as Travis Scott, Rosalia or SZA, and his outstanding fashion campaigns. Stylist EDEM DOSSOU known for his narrative presenting a futuristic imagery and questioning the industry’s dynamics. SAMY LA CRAPULE, Iraqian & Moroccan CGI artist based in Paris. They created a 100% CGI campaign that highlights the history of the collection by telling it through 3D scanned characters.

It was important for Edmond to do such a campaign with Daniel as he is one of the pathfinder of this method of creation, always playing with the limit between real and CGI. Together, they shaped this story around their common inspirations of Manga, Sci-Fi and Video games, creating a disruptive campaign challenging the usual codes of fashion campaigns.