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 FALL WINTER 22-23 - "NATION" Part.1 (RGB)


PIÈCES UNIQUES presents its new collection AUTUMN-WINTER 2022/2023 “NATION” This collection is inspired by an imaginary universe created by Edmond Luu. The artistic director wanted to transcribe the archetypes of characters who live in this new world that is «Nation». Three families live in this world each associated with a primary digital color. (RGB)

There is a royal family dressed in green, it is led by a king and his bodyguard composed of a swordsman, an archer & a wizard. These archetypes are inspired by the different types of characters found in different role-playing games.

The primary blue is the emblem of a first group of rebels. This group draws its inspiration from an urban universe, using American and post-Soviet codes. It is built according to a precise hierarchy, led by a Don wearing a hat decorated with a scarf with the new Pièces Uniques monogram: ‘‘The Labyrinth’’. A true mythological symbol, Edmond drew on his memories to create this monogram inspired by the puzzle labyrinths he collected as a child.

The red represents an Asian-inspired mafia with a strict Yakuza father. The Bōsōzoku, the iconic Japanese biker, has embroidery on his jacket that represents his neighborhood and his division. Finally, we find a rebellious student with an outfit reinterpreting the iconic Japanese school uniform.

«Nation» is an ode to the inspiration of Edmond Luu. We find references to pop culture, Sci-fi but also comics while passing by Japanese animation. By reinterpreting these archetypes, Edmond Luu had fun creating the world of «Nation», a dreamlike world where these characters live.