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‘‘PRIMARY ELEMENT’’ is a collection revolving around the four elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Artistic director of PIÈCES UNIQUES, Edmond Luu, wanted to express his love for primary colors by reinterpret the meaning of the elements. Each color represents an element, each garment uses a technique related to one of them. We Can find in this collection some thermocromic and waterproofs fabrics, yokes reminiscent of tectonic plates and a laser cut technique promoting the breathing of the garment on the body.

This new collection PIÈCES UNIQUES still keeps its inspiration linked to pop culture with its neo-futuristic costumes inspired by science fiction and manga references. Edmond wanted to pay tribute to his childhood memories, the stories his parents used to read to him on the edge of the bed, the video games he used to play with his older brother, the lego bricks lying on the floor of his room.

This collection was also born from a simple brief that Pièces Uniques wanted to enrich thanks to his surroundings. The colors were chosen by photographer Bilal El Kadhi with the desire to make the pieces shine to the eyes of everyone. Some pieces were designed by Elyas Polat and Larson Sekar, who brought their knowledge of the 90’s OG universe that inspires them in their own projects.

This mix of inspirations gave birth to ’’PRIMARY ELEMENT’’, a true ode to the raw nature of colors.