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Pièces Uniques x Final Fantasy XVI - "Artefact Primordial"

Pièces Uniques is proud to announce its very first collaboration. To celebrate the release of the new Final Fantasy XVI we teamed up with Square Enix to create 8 looks inspired by the heroes of the game.

Each look embodies the dominants of the game and the marvelous powers of it’s icons through our most iconic shapes made by hand in Paris. This is our vision of a couture capsule for Final Fantasy. 

“Today, it's a dream come true for the 15 Years old me. Artefact primordial is an ode to the world of Final Fantasy XVI. It’s the embodiment of why I have created Pièces Uniques. I always wanted people to feel that my clothes would allow them to overcome their daily trials, I want them to feel strong and feel like the main character of their own story.”